Ashley + Justin

Yesterday I had the honor of doing a sweet couple’s engagement session.  They were so much fun to photograph and I really enjoyed shooting them!  We met at a lovely park in Winter Park, FL called Kraft Azalea Gardens.  This park is a gem for photographers, between the beautiful Florida cypress trees, the hanging Spanish moss, the gazebo with breathtaking columns or the lakefront shore that serves as a beautiful back drop, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  Plus it didn’t hurt that the couple I photographed is ridiculously good looking 🙂

Check out a few of the shots from the day.  Aren’t they just the cutest couple?!


Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails…..

Yesterday I did a photo session with Wendell, a *almost* 2 year old.  He reminded me a lot of my 2 year old daughter, but wow, there is a big difference between boys and girls, even at this age!  He is all boy, rough and tumble, and was completely content roaming our property.  I had a fun time spending my day with Wendell.  One day he is going to be a heartbreaker, with his pouty lip and big brown eyes.  But just take note Wendell, come your teenage years, my daughter is off limits!  She will not be distracted from her knitting and math club competitions, not even by a cute boy like yourself 😛

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day…….


Baby Cade

Last week I did a newborn session with baby Cade, and he was a great subject to work with!  He was a good sport with being handled and moved from position to position and he didn’t fuss once!  And oh my goodness, what a sweet baby he is.  I had forgotten how light and fragile newborn babies are.  Oh, it makes me miss when my daughter was his age.  It’s amazing how quickly they outgrown that newborn phase.

Anyway, here are a few photos from the day……

Baby Marco

Today I did a photo session with a newborn baby, Marco. Oh my, I forgot just how tiny newborn babies are! He is one lucky guy, he has a 2.5 year old sister, Ava who just adores him. It’s was cute to see her big sister instinct kick in and watch her try to care for him. What a blast it was to photograph them. They were both cute as can be and made my job easy 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day…….

Ashley + Clem

Last week I did another maternity session for a great couple who are expecting their first child together.  They are excited parents to be, so I was really looking forward to this session.  Ashley is enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest and it’s obvious by these pictures.  She is just glowing!  Only six more weeks until sweet baby Cade makes his grand entrance into this world, so Clem and Ashley, enjoy your sleep while you still have it  🙂

Crystal Marie <3

A few months back I did a session with my niece Crystal who aspiring to be a model.  It was such a fun session, so naturally when I was back in Florida in December we decided to do it again.  And of course, it was a blast!  We decided to mix it up and do the session at Rollins College in Winter Park, which is such a beautiful campus and the perfect backdrop for photos.

Check out a few pics from the day…..